Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aluminum buses, planes, boats, and travel trailers.
Airplane primer for your trailer?
Why not?

Having posted this on a number of vintage trailer groups when the question comes up about what to do before painting a aluminum travel trailer?

Aluminum can be prepped with airplane primer.....When I drove for a bus company in the early '80's in Andover Massachusetts......The owner showed me how they prepped there aluminum skined bus fleet before painting......The late Mr. Trombly was the bus company owner and was also an avid pilot.

Airplane primer is a light yellow / green looking primer produced specifically for aluminum.......Probably could buy it from an aviation supply house or even a boat repair shop but you would end up paying top dollar.....Some auto supply shops will have it or can have it ordered.....

A friend and I primed and painted an old aluminum canoe the first year I moved here to Florida and the paint still looks very nice today.....That canoe sees fresh and salt water often.

Look @ these products from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co. linked below......You will only need two of the three items listed......either Alumiprep No. 33 or Metal Prep No. 79 and then Alodine 1201 before you paint your vintage beauty.......Hope this information helps someone with-in the commuity.
.......................Gator Ron




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